Function Share Platter- Canapé Menu

(All platters are enough for 10 people per platter with one piece per person)

1.Bread bucket selection of ciabatta and baguette mix served with extra virgin olive oil  (V)  $25

2. Mini Pizza – vegetarian piazza topped, onion, tomato and mozzarella cheese (V)  $30

3. Southern fried chicken bites with chilli cheese dipping sauce  $40

4. Cajun beer meatball lolly pops with a rich beer and tomato sugo (GF)  $40

5. Oven baked Steak bites coated with bread crumbs, parmesan, parsley served with aioli  $40

6. Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fried sage mini bruschetta’s $40

7. Turmeric Tempura fried king prawn with nan Jim dipping sauce (GF)  $45

8. Fried beer cheese balls with smoked apple mustard sauce  (V)  $35

9. Pesto chicken and grape tomato skewers with lime yoghurt (GF)  $40

10. Sambal fried chicken with ginger and lemon grass chutney $40

11. Crumbed Camembert cheese with a cranberry & chilli chutney (V)  $35

12. Stuffed field mushroom capsicum salsa & cream cheese (GF, V)  $35

13. Cheese Platter – A selection of delicious cheeses from Australia and around the world, served with Olives, Nuts and Crackers  $65

14. Cocktail Samosa – filled with potato & spices Indian style (30 pieces) V $25

15. Fruit Platter – Freshly sliced seasonal fresh fruit  $40

16. Beer Battered Chips – big bowl  $12

17. Sweet Potato Chips – big bowl  $15


We also cater. Specify your request and we will take care of it.